unique - organic - handmade - ecological - fair - earth friendly - animal friendly

Are you looking for 100% nature cosmetics and parfums made in a earth friendly and sustainable way? Skincare that really improves your skin and makes you not only looking good, but feeling good too? Then Aromalogic by House of Hulsman is made for you.


founded in 1994 by aromatherapist Valentine Hulsman specializing in designing high-quality nature-friendly products for body, mind and soul.

Her "know how" is based on aromatherapy and phytotherapy.  
   Products traditionally made in the lab "by House of Hulsman" from plant oils with essential oils for individuals and companies.
Handmade products with the life-giving essential oils.
Each product in an all-natural formula that balances you and special blends that provide harmony physically, mentally and spiritually.
With these products, you get the best to protect you from environmental influences.
This is how you stay naturally balanced.  


What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a system of healing which involves the use of pure essential oils. These fragrant oils are distilled, pressed or extracted from various parts of plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, nuts, trees and seeds. Each of which have different therapeutic properties. These oils are volatile(they evaporate readily) and consist of powerful constituents and should therefore be treated with care and used in very small amounts.
It creates balance for body, mind and spirit. Essential oils used for products in Aromalogic by House of Hulsman are 100% pure organic and when possible fair trade and ecological.

They activate the self-healing ability and ensure a strong & stable condition.
Essences, essential oils used in aromatherapy need to come from healthy soil and are harvested, bottled and stored at the right time. Processed in the right combination and dosage to create a complete healthy product. 
There is a large trade in synthetic or poorly made essential oils that do no credit to aromatherapy.
If they are well made, they are friendly fragrances.
Of course, everyone has their own preference for certain scents. Valentine gives workshops in real essential oils and she can teach you how to do it properly and how to distinguish real from fake.