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Valentine is the aroma specialist of the Dutch dance scene. Starting out in 1993 in West Pacific in Amsterdam, she became a phenomenon in dance club 'Testlab'. With her Aromabar, Valentine created a room perfume to stimulate and excite all the senses. Using pure essential oils - synergized in silver bowls of hot water with dry ice - she orchestrated a blend of scents. A sensational, beneficial experience for the dancing audience.

Meanwhile, Valentine worked as PR for Masteco (later Chi Int.). She learned the tricks of the trade from aromatherapist and dermatologist Monica Siebers, the Dutch founder of Masteco aromatherapy and the Aromatherapy Vocational School. She also graduated there in 1994. 

In 1995, she started a Aromatherapy Cconsultancy on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. There she made customized products for her personal fragrance consultations and gave aromatherapy workshops. She also did several assignments for companies who wanted to add fragrance experiences to special occasions when making presentations.

Valentine has since given many workshops and seminars to wine importers, advertising agencies, art museums, nurses, doctors and midwives, eldercare and children's hospitals, all of whom have shown great interest in learning more about this aromatherapy therapy. 

She received the Silver Star from Kerastase / L'Oreal for training all their Dutch hairdressers.

As a fragrance specialist, she has worked all over the world, including throughout Europe, Brazil, Kazakhstan and the United States. People everywhere are grateful and impressed by the effects of aromatherapy and the beneficial effect that the good scents bring.

Since 2017, Valentine presents a products line Aromalogic for your body, mind and soul and gives workshops and training to individuals and/or groups.

Clients include:

Backstage Make-Up studio

Chi Int.

Cradle El Bulli

Hello Academy

Johnson & Johnson


L 'Oreal



Mail & Female


Philip Morris


Urban Museum

State Forestry Commission


Test Lab Dance Club

Ethnographic Museum