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AV Agent - Antivirus Mix 30 ml.

AV Agent - Antivirus Mix 30 ml.

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AV Agent Mix is a concentrated blend of essential oils. This combination opens the airways and is highly expectorant, antibacterial and antiviral. It provides balance and protects you to keep the flu away. If you already have the flu, it relieves symptoms and makes the flu shorter in duration.

If you have lost your sense of smell and taste, start using the AV Agent mix. Inhale it through the nose on a tissue or with a special inhaler. Within a short time, your sense of smell and taste will be back!

Also a very pleasant mix to use when your head is full and you want to refresh and relax your brain, after which you can concentrate better. Simply inhale through a tissue or with a diffuser.

Ingredients: 5 kinds of essential oils.

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