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Bee Gentle - Scrub Mask 30 ml.

Bee Gentle - Scrub Mask 30 ml.

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 Clean skin every morning, a radiant complexion.

Bee Gentle is an exfoliating mask.  Its ultra gentle formula - rich in plant extracts and essential oils - does not disturb pH levels and can therefore be used daily. It cleanses and removes dead skin cells, drains away impurities and gives you a radiant complexion. 

Apply the mask in a thin layer and swirl it over the skin with your fingers. It cleanses, softens, nourishes, moisturizes, heals and reduces wrinkles in your skin.  

Then dry your skin and apply a cream. If you suffer from acne or really need an intensive booster, it is beneficial to use Clean it Up! afterwards for extra recovery.

For extra hydratation leave in Bee Gentle for 2 minutes or longer. It makes your skin look younger and has a relaxing effect.

3 types of plant oil - Cera Flava - Himalayan salt - 2 types of essential oils.

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