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Bonnie's Secret - Hair + Scalp Wonder 15 ml.

Bonnie's Secret - Hair + Scalp Wonder 15 ml.

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Bonnie's Hair Secret Is a restructuring nourishing serum for hair and scalp. A high concentration of liquid plant wax with the life force of essential oils from flowers, wood and carrot essences. With proteins, vitamins and minerals that stimulate the scalp to better anchor the hair.

Bonnie's Hair Secret plumps hair and promotes hair growth. A few drops on your fingers bring vitality to your hair, making it stronger, smoother and shinier.

The ultra-light, non-greasy texture is ideal for massaging the scalp without making hair greasy. While massaging the hair and scalp, it works like a subtle warm aphrodisiac with an anti-stress effect.

Also suitable for bald spots and alopecia. In this case massage a few drops 3 times a day.

Ingredients: 2 types of plant oils & 5 types of essential oils.


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