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Nature's Fortune - Parfum Roll-on 12 ml.

Nature's Fortune - Parfum Roll-on 12 ml.

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Nature's Fortune is a natural perfume that stimulates the senses. Pleasant scents attract attention. We each have our own unique, chemical aromas (pheromones), which act as sexual attractants. Your choice of perfume can express who you are or who you want to be.

The advantage of an essential oil-based skin perfume is that it can have an uplifting, relaxing or sensual effect - or all three in one!

Have a unique fragrance created in a composition of your own taste.
A blend of pure essential oils in jojoba that instantly brighten your mood in a 
convenient roll-on bottle.  

A gift to receive and to gift. 

Vetiver with Jasmine is now in the collection and is a soft, warm, grounding and sensual perfume. If you have a different preference it will be made upon request.

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